"The Heart of KC" collection 

                                                  12oz candles(3) + bottle of all black matches


                                                          18th & Vine featuring Bennie Motten

    Cider Brandy, Spiked Amber, Clove Bud, Tupelo Honey, Jazzberry, English Whiskey, Tobacco                                                                          Flower, French Oak, Wine Cask


                                                       Father of KC BBQ featuring Henry Perry

  The sweet and smokey smell of BBQ sauce. A perfect rendition! Great as a blending note or a                                                                           standalone novelty fragrance


                                                 "The Great Divide" Redlining Troost Wall 1955

Applewood,White Birch, Bergamot Zest, Dark Guaiacwood, Zanzibar Clove, WarmMyrrh, Patchouli                                                                  Resin, fireside heath, Sandalwood



A portion of sales goes back to an organization that promotes positive development in black                                                                           communities and/or under priviliged.


                                                Here's to you KC and your abundance of history!

"The Heart of KC"

  • We do our best to ensure that the quality of your product meets beyond normal standards. For this reason, all returns are at our discretion. Please allow your candle to have a full melt pool and burns for a minimum of 4 hours. Be sure to trim your wick 1/4" before burning.