We are we'll aware that the black community has paid it's dues when it comes to the starting of this country. Unfortunately, we often times did not reap the benefits of our contributions. More importantly, stories and imprtant milestones were lost. This line is dedicated to filling the gap in history with people and the forgotten contributions.


Shades of Black Love - Featuring the diversity of the black skin and the abundance of love no matter your shade. It's all BLACK LOVE(Chocolate/Hazelnut)

Taken by Amistand Returned by The Gentleman- Most are familiar with the screen version of Amistand but do you really know?(Cedar/Sandalwood)


188 at Sea- 30-200 bodies on each and everyone of the 188 vessels shipping across the sea. This candle was made with peace to those whom came across the transalantic. For the many souls that lived by the quote "Give me freedom or give me death!" as they took the leap.(Ocean)


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade- You can thank Mr. White for the convience of the lemon press. Hot summer day and fresh squeezed lemonade.(ummm, lemon with a kick)


Bakery Bread Crumb- We live in a time of conenvience, but just think how long grandma hand to crumble old bread in her hands to prepare meatloaf and chicken parmesan. Life would be less crunchy without Mr. Lee!(Fresh Baked Bread)


A portion of your purchase is donated to an origanization that provides postive developement and/or resources to the black and under priviliged areas.



"History is US"