About Us


As a Massage Therapist, I feel that you should not only be concerned with what goes into your mouth or what you breathe. We should also be concerned about the properties that we lay on our skin. Aroma House D.R.S  is an addition to Full Circle Massage + Body LLC. We specialize in custom blends for Candles, Body Butter,  and Sugar Scrub. Aroma House D.R.S allows you to be unique, your way! 

There is a whole world of nourishing ingredients that combat your daily skin issues. We only use 100% Natural Soy for our candles and 100% Natural Soy and Natural or Organic Oils for our unique Massage candles. Our Body Butter, Satisfying Sugar Scrub and Luxurious Lip Balm are also made with 100% Natural  or Organic ingredients. We strive to make sure our products are as natural as possible!